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our mission :

to educate, assist, and guide the Hispanic community on their journey to work, build, and invest in real estate,

through advocacy, relationship building, mentorship, and much more.

About Paragraph

Latinos of Real Estate is the first ever of its kind, and the non-profit organization is already taking the industry by storm. With its mission to guide the Hispanic community in their journey to work, build and invest in real estate, and fueled by the growing presence of Hispanics throughout the industry, this is a mission everyone can surely get behind. Through advocacy, education, and empowerment, LORE plans to advance the interests and aspirations of the Latin American community within the Real Estate industry, build and facilitate strong relationships between the two, educate the Hispanic homebuyers/sellers and the professionals who serve them, provide mentorship and scholarship opportunities to aspiring students, and much more. Latinos of Real Estate is not just an organization, it’s a movement… and it all stems from one underlying goal: making the American dream an obtainable reality.


But what are the organization’s goals specifically? and what is their plan of action to get there? The answer, although vast and continually expanding, can be broken down into four key components.


The first: ADVOCATE 
Latinos of Real Estate will advance the interests and aspirations of the Latin American community by identifying the hardships they face in real estate, raising public awareness of these hardships, and finding the solutions that will help improve them.

The second: BUILD
and facilitate strong relationships between the Latin American community and the Real Estate industry, where trust, reliability, guidance, and common interest will fuel powerful, mutually beneficial connections for all.


The third: EDUCATE
both the Hispanic homebuyers and sellers and the professionals who serve them. Latinos of Real Estate plans to become an all-encompassing resource for both, offering insight, mentorship programs, scholarship opportunities, and more… aimed at increasing knowledge and setting the scene for success.

The fourth: EMPOWER

Driven by their dedication to making the American “dream” a reality, the organization will deliver the knowledge, tools, resources, knowledge, and support needed to confidently and continuously excel in the Real Estate industry.

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